About Us

 In 1994, with a lathe and a drill  press, Deibler Machining was established in a 400 square foot garage  shop.  Within a year, it became evident that more space and more  equipment was needed.  We expanded to 720 square feet and added several  manual machines.  With the need for CNC equipment, in 1997, we expanded  one final time at our Pleasant Gap facility to 1,140 square feet and  added two Haas CNC's.  After several more years of hard work and  dedication, Deibler Machining relocated to a 12,800 square foot facility  in Bellefonte and added another Haas CNC.  After several years in  Bellefonte and the growing use of CNC equipment, we have recently added a  super speed Haas CNC mill and are looking to add more in the near  future.